65 students

Overview of Course:

1. Technical Analysis and Trading Psychology bundeled together.

2. Free trading room to discuss ideas

3. One on one training

4. Free Lifetime support

5. Pure price action based strategy no indicator used

6. Money Management

7. Info about scanner to find trending stocks.

8. Trading Psychology

9.Trading Journals

+ Main focus towards Stock cash and Futures, and Bank Nifty futures
+ Webinar every alternate trading day to discuss trade calls taken during day,all conducted by me
+The mode of conduct is online
+ Every weekend 2 doubt clearing session
Sessions: 6-8one on one, 5 webinars each week
Total Session – 50+ all conducted by me
Course duration 2 months
Whatsapp No. 8770194566, whatsapp for payment details

  • Technical Analysis

    1.Support and Resistance 2.Trend Trading 3.candlestick patterns 5.Trading Breakouts- Horizontal bottom and top, flag and wedges 6.Trading False breakouts 7.Volume Analysis 8.How to identify strength and weakness of a trend 9.Entry Strategy 10.Exit Strategy 11.Exhaustion candle 12.Where to place stoploss/trailing stoploss

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  • Money Management

    1.Position Sizing 2. Trade Management 3.Risk Management

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  • Trading Psychology

    1. Identifying Psychology barriers. 2. How to remove psychology barriers. 3. Developing good habits which will help to improve trading. 4. How to focus on process goals? 5. Trading Discipline. 6. How not to focus on money/PnL while trading

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  • Review and Monitoring Tools

    1. How to make journals 2. Trading plan details 3. How to do continuous improvement

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₹45,000.00 ₹39,000.00

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