How to become the best trader with pure price action method 

Classroom Course: 50 Hours (3000 Minutes)


 Why This Course is So Great...

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    I teach what I know, no hidden agenda!
    Most of the course teachers out there teach 50% of what they know.They will hide the most important things,which is a rarety in my course.
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    Full trader satisfaction guaranteed!
    In my one year of mentoring the students of the stock market nobody has complained or said that they have not learned anything from the course. I am very proud of that.
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    Totally price action based method!
    If you have some experience in the market then you know that indicator based method doesn't work in the market.That is why I dont use any indicator in my course.
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    My own method, not from the market!
    The course I teach is the result of the 5 year of experience in the market.It has been properly backtested and optimised to suit the intraday trading.

Here is what you will Get in the Course

Support and Resistance Level that works

Duration: 60m

Very simple but very effective SnR levels on your chart.

Trend trading in detail

Duration: 60m

I am the best trend trader in intraday trading.Ask my mentees. They will agree.

Most powerfull stock selection method

Duration: 60m

My stock selection metho dis in high demand on Youtube

Entries and Exits

Duration: 3h 55m

Entry and Exit , statistically proven method.

3 Webinar each week for a year

Duration: 45h

Webinar to discuss ideas and trades of the week.Free mentoring through webinar.

Practical Trading Psychology

Duration: 60m

Practical psychology lesson from a veteran

About the Author

 I am an alumnus of IIT Roorkee and IIM Calcutta.I just said that but it doesn’t matter.What matters is I am a successfull intraday trader,yes you heard it, a successful intraday trader.I have been trading full time since last 5 years and profitable since last 2 years.

There is a saying, If you want to succeed at anything, better find a mentor.Otherwise you will succeed but it will take more time. And since you know that time is everything in this limited universe,its no brainer to say that. go get a mentor first.


What People Are Saying...


“For a person like me who was always on the loosing side in trading your nifty coach is a real breather...

“For a person like me who was always on the loosing side in trading your nifty coach is a real breather. 
Ever since I started my training with ync, which is highly recommended for intraday traders, things have taken a u turn.
You will learn to be more disciplined, patient and positive. Undoubtedly these are the qualities, my mentor Mohan has trained me for. Thanx to him. He has really proved his mettle in his area of work. A very encouraging & easily accessible person, I recommend ync for all with hope & a dream. Cheers...”

Leena Subhash, Business owner and trader


One of the most genuine and helpful trainer I have ever seen....

“Everyone knows price action is the best way to go about in the market but in most of the PA courses, it will be all about support and resistance.

No one clearly explain the PA strategy as they don't have one.

YNC is by far the only course which puts price action into simple actionable terms that works real time.

He even follow up with regular webinar and doubt clearing sessions which is the best part of the course.

Yes, there will be some subjectivity in Price action learning but he makes it simple and actionable to a large extent.

He even teach trading psychology as part of the course itself which is very handy and useful in in stressed periods.

These lessons are a bit boring, but take it from me, sooner or later one will realize the significance of controlling emotions in the market.

And, in the closing, he is so successful yet humble which is rare again.

I strongly recommend this course for those who is serious about Price action

Ganesh Ranganathan, Trader


 If you consider the value addition, the fees is too nominal

“The price action strategies are one thing that work on an intra day basis in stock markets, and Yourniftycoach is the one stop place to get you started as well as make you proficient in this. Mr. Mohan Ghilley is one of my fellow IITian, a great trader, an awesome personality, and much better teacher. He genuinely cares about your performance, unlike other gurus in this vast space. I have been his mentee for last 6 months, and its been a great experience so far.
Moreover, he is willing to provide perpetual support, until you become a great trader, and much much beyond that. For anybody looking to start their trading career or just fine tune their performance in the markets, your nifty coach is the recommended place. 

Abhinav, IIT Bombay

Is This Course Right For You?

Who is this for

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    Those looking for proven method
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    Those looking for a mentor
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    Those who want to trade intraday and positional both
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    Those who are hardworking and focussed

Who is this not for

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    Wanting to get rich quick
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    Those who don't trust price action method
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    Gambler, who believes trading is akin to gambling
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    Those who are looking to invest long term

Bonus Section

Access to a private Telegram Group

Access a group of over 100 like minded trader,which will make your trading journey beautiful


Private Call on demand

You will get access to my phone number and can call me in case of any query based on the appointment.


Free Bonus strategy/six month

I regularly come up with new strategies so that we don't lag behind in this continuously changing market.

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