Why you should join my day trading course?

mohanghilley/ March 8, 2018/ Education/ 28 comments

In one sentence ‘this course will shorten your learning curve by 2 years’.Ok that was too short, lets dig deeper. Are you new in this trading world and feels like you are lost in the tons of trading information over internet, and are worrying where to start from? OR Are you someone who has tried numerous trading course but found

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How to build a price action trading strategy from scratch?

mohanghilley/ January 31, 2018/ Trading/ 2 comments

Dear Traders, Do you know most of the successful traders around the world use price action trading system.This is why there is so much fuss about price action trading system. And this is why I have devoted more than 3000 words to explain the PA system for trading.This complete article about PA is for beginners to formulate a strategy around

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New Traders-Roadmap to become a succesfull trader like Jesse Livermore

mohanghilley/ January 24, 2018/ Daytrading, Positional Trading, Swing Trading/ 0 comments

Do you dream of becoming a great trader like Jessi Livermore? He didn’t become the great instantly, he also had to go through the trader development process just like any other trader. What I am going to write here may be one of the most important blog post ever for a struggling trader if he grasps the essence of it.It

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Nifty stock rejection criteria 101-Top 10 criterias to reject a stock for investment

mohanghilley/ January 23, 2018/ Investing/ 0 comments

How do you choose stocks for investment? With Nifty having more than 1500 stocks to choose from and Sensex Also Having many stocks, it is often very confusing to get our hands on the right stocks.  Stock screening is the art which every investor should know before investing in the stock market. Warrren Buffet’s only rule in the stock market

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