Dear Traders and investors, often in this world where right advice is hard to find, we get trapped with the snake oil sellers, who don't care about their clients and just wants to earn money. I want to end this trend. Hence this website.You might find my website as a ray of hope.I promise to provide right information and at the right time so that we all can get benefited. I don't promise to offer what I don't know already, with my MBA from IIM Calcutta I understand most of the financial terms and hence not like others who are just copy-pasting stuffs from other websites. This website will be both educational and informative. I want to make you equipped with all the right tools and tactics so that you could make an informed decision, be it trading or investing. If enough people find my content interesting and legitimate and request me to launch a coaching programme , I will do that later on. For now, enjoy the awesome content and become awesome at your investment and trading.


Have a look at what this website offers to you

Investing Ideas

Have a look at what is happening on the investment scenario.On the longer horizon which stocks are hot, means which are fundamentally strong and can become a multibagger in the future

Trading Ideas

Trading ideas for today, it will cover NIfty and stock futures , equity.It will be backed by in-depth analysis.And since we are talking about trading , the analysis will be based on TA and more specifically price action.

Economic News

Important news and their analysis and how it can have the impact on your trading and investing decisions. 


Learn the nitty-gritty of stock market through a reliable source.

Broker Review

Detailed review of brokers which I use and their comparison with others.

Social Media

Detailed review of brokers which I use and their comparison with others.

Stock market is the biggest wealth creator, every other investment tool's return doesn't come close to it.

-said by ME


I am an engineer from IIT Roorkee and MBA in marketing from IIM Calcutta.I fell in love with stock market after my MBA and never looked back.I am not a crorepati but I am an independent trader who trades and invest for a living.My primary goal through this website is to offer unbiased and legitimate advice to the seekers who are lost in this financial world among cheats and frauds. I may offer coaching(hence the name of the website)in the later phase of the website but first I have to earn your trust.