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I’m Mohan!
Glad you are here ,

Why I started this website?
In a single line. I want to help you. I want to share my 
journey with you guys, my fellow trader. I don't want you
to experience the roller coaster ride to get where I am.
In this website you will find everything you need to get
at the top.You just need to let me know to get the help.

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Why you should join my day trading course?
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This is one of the simplest and highly effective trading programs I know about. And the best part is it is about all the aspects of trading and not only about technical analysis or some secret strategy like most trainers do. In addition, the most important quality I look in a trainer is that he/she must be a trader, trading every single day. If you can't make a living on what you teach, how can you claim to teach others to make living trading? I think Mohan is among the very few who stands apart in this crowded market, full of fakes. His honesty, dedication, and drive to genuinely help others excel are highly commendable.

Jay Shah

Full time trader,Mumbai

This course is designed for purely Intraday trading. Course contains are very easy to understand even beginner will start trading like a pro. Overall it is in-depth study of stock movement, Indetification of stock, Entry and Exit strategy. 
Support after training is very helpful, which includes daily webinaar, doubt clearing sessions and new strategies. 
About Mentor, He is very humble, disciplined, helpful and knowledgeable person. He is easily accessible on whatsapp and telegram. His main moto is to prepare trader like himself.

Sachin Nikam

Part Time Trader,Mumbai

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